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System Integration


System Integration Engineer is one of the newest direction on IT market in scope of data handling and data transformation technologies. Managing Big Data, connecting huge systems, databases, driving through innovative cloud experience is one of the key concepts and responsibilities of System Integration Engineer specialist. Be in the first line of the experienced and growing community that is opening new level of Connecting World Wide Systems and Platforms together


What do we suggest?

1. Within the course you will be able to get up-to-date information from real professionals and solidify it while exchanging experience and knowledge with your teammates under the expert guidance;

2.  During the course you will get opportunity to pass certification that will allow you to start job with real client assignments;

3.  An immersion course, that lasts for 13 weeks, is full of theoretical and practical tasks, based on experience and needs of SoftServe;

4.   The program includes but is not limited to:

4.1.          Global overview of  iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) Dell Boomi cloud platform;

4.2.          Data transformation by using cloud Integration platforms (handling JSON, XML, Flat File formats)

4.3.          Configuring cloud and deploying Integration solutions;

4.4.          Data Mapping from different platforms by using iPaaS cloud solutions; 

4.5.          Custom Scripting in iPaaS cloud solutions;

4.6.          Deploying Processes and Configuring Extensions;

4.7.          Developing API handling (by using REST/SOAP services) using cloud Integration platforms;

4.8.          Working with DB connections and DB data transformation;

5.     In case of successful completion of this course, you will get opportunity to work with US based leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Our Client is working with thousands of organizations – including half of the Fortune 1000® – and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries.


For whom?

1.       Are you hypermotivated, sociable, striving to learn and develop?

2.       Do you have solid analytical skills?

3.       Would you like to communicate directly with one of the biggest customers, making decisions, upgrade your developer skills in one of the OOP languages?

4.       Are you ready to be involved in the education process at the IT Academy 6 hours every day?

5.       Is your level of English Intermediate +?

6.       Would you like to proceed your career with Platform Solutions as Integration Engineer?

Duties and Responsibilities during Course

 1.     Follow and learn software engineering standards and practices under guidance of senior staff/coacher;

2.     Design, code, test and debug integration solutions or fragments of integration solutions under guidance of senior staff;

3.     Maintain and document integration solutions in accordance with software engineering standards.

Duties and Responsibilities on Project

1.     Assist in the designing, coding, testing and debugging programs according to specifications and defined software engineering standards under the guidance of senior staff;

2.     Maintain and document programs in accordance with standards;

3.     Maintain technical specifications according to the changes introduced to the integrations and assist in development of new technical specifications;

4.     Suggest estimates of efforts required to implement assigned tasks and accomplish the tasks according to the schedule defined by technical management;

5.     Attend conference calls and follow the discussions; participate in project meetings;

6.     Develop professional skills and knowledge by participating in a certain competence group.

What is the technical skills necessary for entering this course? 

1.     Understanding of software development life cycles;

2.     Fundamental knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Language (Java or Groovy);

3.     Understanding of Web Services concepts (REST/SOAP);

4.     Fundamental knowledge of XML, JSON formats structure;

5.     Basic knowledge of SQL (Perform simple data manipulation select/insert/delete);

 What are Soft skills necessary for entering this course ?

1.     English intermediate level or higher;

2.     Team playing and result orientation skills;

3.     Client orientation;

4.     Communication skills. 

*What can bring advantages at the interview with an expert?

1.     Understanding of basic RDBMS concepts;

2.     Understanding of SOAP/REST principles;

3.     Experience in requirements management;

4.     Motivation, result orientation, ownership and responsibility.

About Our Client

Client Business Value: SoftServe team delivers a high-quality product that our client can offer their customers. SoftServe side is responsible for building Integration solutions for HCM partners and vendors by using Platform-As-a Service (iPaaS) DellBoomi tool. We are working as an integration consulting incorporate partners or as front-end faces. The team provides effective solutions and tools that are needed for creating a workplace experience that powers productivity and enables efficiency. The main features of the product are working with big data and servicing huge corporations in the USA. These services include writing integration and migration packets.

Client Business Domain: Workforce Management, Time and Attendance Management, Timetable Scheduling, Absence Management, HR, Talent Management and Hiring Solutions, Labor Analytics, Human Capital Management

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