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Development of client (Front-end) part of cross browser Web applications using JavaScript programming language, latest frameworks Angular, React etc., HTML5 and CSS3.

What do we suggest?

  • Within the course you will be able to get up-to-date information from real professionals and solidify it while exchanging experience and knowledge with your friends under the expert guidance.

  • Curriculum of Web-UI course enables receiving hands-on experience in such spheres:






    ALM. Methodologies

    One or more from list:

    • Scrum
    • Kanban

    Source Control


    Continuous Integration

    One or more from list:

    • Jenkins
    • GitLab CI
    • Travis CI
    • Semaphore

    Code quality

    Static code analysis

    One or more from list:

    • jsHint
    • jsLint
    • esLint
    • SonarQube

    Naming conventions


    Automated testing

    One or more from list:

    • qUnit
    • Jasmine
    • Sinon
    • Karma

    Dynamic stylesheet

    One or more from list:

    • less
    • sass/scss
    • compass



    One or more from list:

    • SublimeText
    • WebStorm
    • VS Code
    • Atom


    Package management and tasks runners

    One or more from list:

    • Npm
    • Bower
    • Jspm
    • Yarn
    • Gulp
    • grunt
    • Webpack

    Core programming


    • EcmaScript 5.1
    • EcmaScript 6
    • TypeScript



    One or more from list:

    • Classes
    • Interfaces
    • Inheritance
    • Aggregation
    • Abstraction
    • Composition


    Architectural and Design patterns

    One or more from list:

    • MVC (MTV, MVVM)
    • Singleton
    • Observe
    • Abstract Factory
    • Prototype
    • Decorator
    • Mediator
    • Strategy
    • Adapter
    • Composite



    • Callback
    • Deferred
    • Promises
    • Observables

    DB, Storage etc.

    Client side

    One or more from list:

    • Cookies
    • JSON
    • WebStorage
    • Web SQL Database
    • SessionStorage


    Server Side

    One or more from list:

    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL




    One or more from list:

    • jQuery
    • ReactJS
    • AngularJS
    • Angular (2, 4, 5...)
    • Underscore.js
    • Moment.js
    • timezone.js



    Twitter Bootstrap (or analog)


    Interfaces. Protocols.

    One or more from list:

    • REST
    • HTTP
    • WebSockets



    • HTML5
    • CSS3





Who can apply?

  • Do you have basic knowledge in creating of web pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages?

  • Is your level of English Intermediate+?

  • Are you ready to be involved in education process at the IT Academy 6-8 hours every day?

What is the minimum technical knowledge demanded to enter the course and which resources can be used for preparation?

*What can bring advantages at the interview with an expert?

  • Basic knowledge of OOD, SOLID, DRY, MVC;
  • Understanding of new opportunities of HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Understanding of such notions as BOM, DOM, SessionStorage, WebStorage, WebSockets, Callback, Promises;
  • Understanding of  REST basics and work of API;
  • Familiarity with ES2015 and ES2016;
  • Understanding of ReactJS,  AngularJS, Angular or other JavaScript frameworks;
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and principles (SCRUM in particular);
  • Understanding of  package management approaches in JavaScript;
  • Conversance with Continuous Integration;
  • Proficiency in TDD or BDD software testing or testing libraries such as qUnit, Jasmine, Mocha and Karma;
  • Proficiency in SQL and RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL);
  • Understanding of NoSQL databases, differences between NoSQL and relational databases. Proficiency and hands-on experience of working with MongoDB is an essential advantage.
  • *We don`t specify literature for this section and don`t put these questions on the obligatory list. But awareness of something, noted above, will be your advantage at the interview with a technical expert.

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03.10.2019 – 03.01.2020

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