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Software Engineering in
Software development, activation and configuration of relevant areas for testing and quality control using cloud technologies and configuration management systems


Software Engineer in Test (SET) is high-qualified engineer, that has profound technical knowledge and is ready to implement it in testing. Tools deficiency is not an issue for him, as SET has expertise and skills, due to which he can create his own tool for testing a program in the best possible way! Indeed, SET is not afraid of difficulties, such as program deployment on a cloud or virtual machines, test environment establishment, testing applications with no traditional interface and checking program behavior under a pressure. Establishment of continuous integration process and the whole system`s vulnerability basic check are among SET`s duties. So SET is the IT world`s "universal soldier", aimed at qualified product output.


What do we suggest?

·       Our up-to-date teaching approach will help you to obtain theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in manual and automated software quality control, programming basics, virtual machines and cloud solution management; our course is also aimed to enhancing your knowledge of programming language and teach new script languages, such as bash, cmd, powershell;

·       On real-life examples and tasks you will learn software testing methods, methodologies and tools, get necessary technical base for implementation of wide range of tasks, that SET deals with;

·     An immersion course, that lasts for 13 weeks, is full of theoretical and practical tasks, based on experience and needs of SoftServe. The program includes but is not limited to:

o   Programming language;

o   Software testing basics;

o   Automation testing;

o   Software architecture;

o   Linux/Unix administration;

o   SQL/NoSQL Databases;

o   Performance testing;

o   Security Testing basics;

o   Virtual machines\Clouds configuration.

·       Course graduates will have an opportunity to get a job offer from SoftServe and join projects, for which their skills and knowledge will be the most valuable.


Who for?

·       Are you hypermotivated, sociable, striving to learn and develop?

·       Do you have solid analytical skills?

·       Do you want to combine administration and programming with challenging and interesting tasks?

·       Do you have hands-on experience in dealing with MS Windows and Linux OS?

·       Do you have basic knowledge of object oriented programming and one of programming languages?

·       Do you have basic knowledge of SQL?

·       Are you interested in establishing virtual machines, nets and clouds?

·       Do you have an opportunity to devote several month of your life to intense learning and training?


  •  Are you ready to be involved in education process at the IT Academy 6-8 hours every day?

·       Is your level of English Intermediate +?



What is the technical skills necessary for entering this course and whatresources can be used for preparetion? 

  • Knowledge of programming language at a basic level;
  • Practical experience with Linux console (terminal);
  • Elementary theoretical knowledge in virtualization;
  • Basic theoretical skills in software program testing;
  • Understanding of the principles of computer network functioning.


*What can bring advantages at the interview with an expert?

  • Knowledge of OOP;
  • Practical experience in installation of OS configuration in virtual environment;
  • Knowledge of cloud solutions (AWS, Azure); 
  • Understanding of the key sorting algorithms;
  • Knowledge of the basic console utilities of Linux systems.


* We don`t specify literature for this section and don`t put these questions on the obligatory list. But awareness of something, noted above, will be your advantage at the interview with a technical expert. 

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