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Object-oriented programming using


What do we offer?

  • Together with certified trainers you will get knowledge of object-oriented programming using the C # language, needed to build a variety of programs on C # and by means of .Net library;
  • During the course you will gain the practical skills in object-oriented programs development in the MS Visual Studio environment using C# and by means of .NET library;
  • Successful completion of the course will be certified by SoftServe IT Academy.

For whom?

  • This course is aimed at those who have a basic knowledge of programming in any of algorithmic languages;
  • For those wishing to continue their studies at SoftServe IT Academy in the direction “Development of Web-application using .Net”.

The duration, schedule and cost of the course

  • Duration of the course – 14 sessions (120 min each)
  • Each session includes lecture and practical work. Homework is also envisioned. At the end of the course, students will receive complex practical task to verify acquired knowledge and skills.
  • The process of student selection: Prior to the beginning of the course, the students have to pass an oral interview with a teacher, during which they will have an opportunity to check their expectations for the course, and the teacher can ensure their readiness for the sessions.
  • Cost of the course – 5650 UAH


Detailed description of the knowledge and skills received after the course completion.

As a result of successful course completion you will have a knowledge in:

  • C# data types and operations on variables of different types; type string for work with text;
  • Statements, expressions, and operators of C#;
  • Object-oriented programming: building new types with classes, structures, interfaces. Inheritance and polymorphism, aggregation;
  • Basic principles of work with the input and output streams; work with files; data serialization;
  • .Net collections and generalized collections for data storing and manipulating within the program;
  • Exceptions handling;
  • Delegates and Linq;
  • Unit testing.

As a result of successful course completion you will know how to:

  • Create object-oriented programs in C # using the software development environment MS Visual Studio and .Net libraries;
  • Work with variables of different data types, perform arithmetic and logical operations on different data types; build algorithms using basic language constructions;
  • Develop programs in object-oriented style by using encapsulation of data within a class or structure, inheritance to define new types from existing classes or interfaces, using concept of polymorphism for creating objects with the same interface but different internal structure;
  • Handle exceptions and errors that can occur during the execution of the program;
  • Save data from program in file and read data from a file; perform serialization and deserialization of data;
  • Work with .Net data collections to organize data in the program;
  • Create and use delegates;
  • Create and execute Linq queries for collections of objects;
  • Develop unit tests.

Available groups for registration

Назва курсу
Course duration

Об’єктно-орієнтоване програмування мовою С#


16.03.2020 – 30.04.2020

Об’єктно-орієнтоване програмування мовою C#


24.10.2019 – 06.12.2019

Selection completed





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