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Object-oriented programming. Java
Learning main principles of object-oriented programming and syntactic constructions of Java programming language. Program applications development using Java programming language.
Group size: 8-10 students
Course duration: 1 session x 2 hours x 14 lessons = 28 hours


What do we offer?

  • You will learn about the main Java-programs development tools.
  • You will become familiar with basic constructions of Java programming language, basic concepts of object-oriented programming, basic Java libraries, which provide all the necessary functionality to create a variety of software applications.
  • You will learn how to develop applications for a wide range of theoretical and practical problems.

For whom?

  • This course is aimed for those who have a basic knowledge of programming in any of algorithmic languages.
  • For those wishing to continue their studies at SoftServe IT Academy in the direction “Java. Development of Web-applications using Java technologies.”

The duration, schedule and cost of the course

  • Duration of the course – 14 sessions for 2 hours each (120 min)
  • Schedule of the course – 2 or 3 sessions per week
  • Bonus! In addition to regular courses, participants will have an access to distance courses from SoftServe Distance Learning Team – HTML/CSS, JavaScript and DataBase & SQL, which have a free schedule
  • Cost of the course – 5650 UAH


Detailed description of the knowledge and skills received after the course completion.

Each session includes:

  • Presentation of lecture according to the session title
  • Examples of solving typical problems
  • Practical tasks related to the lecture topic
  • Practical homework related to the lecture topic

As a result of successful course completion you will have a knowledge in:

  • basic paradigm of object-oriented programming;
  • basic data types and operations on variables of different types;
  • Control structures responsible for the implementation of the program: loops (for, while, do-while), decision making (if-else, switch);
  • mechanisms for handling exceptions and errors that can occur during the execution of the program;
  • basic principles of work with the input and output flows;
  • various data structures to store and manipulate data.

As a result of successful course completion you will know how to:

  • develop programs in object-oriented style, namely: perform encapsulation of data within a class; use inheritance mechanism to describe new classes based on the existing ones; apply the concept of polymorphism while creating objects with the same interface but different internal structure;
  • create and work with variables of different data types, perform arithmetic and logical operations on different data types;
  • use different control structures to control the software code implementation;
  • handle exceptions and errors that can occur during the program implementation, delegate exceptions handling to other methods, create your own exception handlers;
  • record data (binary, text) in file and read data from a file using software; transfer data over the network using different network protocols and perform serialization and deserialization of data;
  • properly choose a data structure for data organization; create objects collection, use iterators to access the objects collection;
  • work with distributed system of files control, namely the GIT.

The process of student selection

Prior to the beginning of the course, the students have to pass an oral interview with a teacher, during which they will have an opportunity to check their expectations for the course, and the teacher can ensure their readiness for the sessions.

Groups available for registration

Course Name
Course duration

Object-oriented programming. Java Core


26.07.2019 – 13.09.2019

Selection completed

Object-oriented programming. Java Core


22.07.2019 – 22.08.2019

Selection completed

Object-oriented programming. Java Core


17.01.2020 – 28.02.2020

Object-oriented programming. Java Core


19.11.2019 – 20.01.2020


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