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Core of web pages and web applications development using JavaScript language


What do we suggest?

The course “JavaScript Core” acquaints with the language core, including:

  • data variables and types;
  • functions and operators of managing a progress of a program;
  • data collections;
  • regular expressions;
  • the object-oriented programming basics.

Besides it, within the course you will get basic information for Web programming using JavaScript, including:

  • access to DOM model for dynamic generation and update of web page elements;
  • debugging and testing code in browser;
  • using AJAX methodology;
  • acquaintance with the jQuery library;
  • features of web application server part development using Node.js.

Who for?

  • The course is oriented at apprentices, that have basic knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language HTML / HTML5 and understand cascading CSS stylesheets assignment;
  • For those who long for mastering the popular JavaScript programming language, that you can`t do without in any project in web and not only!
  • For those, who ae interested in continuing education at SoftServe IT Academy in the following directions of web development: WebUI (Python, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby), .Net, Java and Go.

Duration, schedule and price of the course:

  • Course duration: 1-1.5 month, 12 classes (2-2,5 hour long) + the course provides 2-4 hour long work on tasks and the project every day, that can be done at home or at SoftServe IT Academy classrooms;
  • Classes schedule: 2-3 classes per week in the evening, in addition to regular classes participants of the course get access to SoftServe e-Learning remote courses - HTML/CSS and JavaScript, that have no fixed schedule;


Detailed description of knowledge and skills, gained after the course completion

Having completed the course, you will get the following skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of basics and peculiarities of JavaScript language, in particular: syntax of the language, data types, code processing sequence by an interpreter, scope, different ways of designing and calling functions, implementation of branching, cycles and recursion;
  • how to appoint and process events from input devices (“mouse” manipulator, keyboard), that happen in browser;
  • how to dynamically change web pages structure and content;
  • basics of using jQuery: initialization, selectors, events, effects, queries;
  • mechanism of operation and limitation of AJAX methodology.


Classes plan

1 Introduction to JavaScript
2 Expressions and operators
3 Program Flow. Data structures
4 Functions
5 Object-oriented programming in JavaScript
6 Debugging. Exception Handling
7 Events Handling. Memory Management
8 BOM. DOM manipulation
9 AJAX methodology
10 jQuery library
11 Regular Expressions
12 Server-side development with JavaScript. Node.js introduction


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JavaScript Fundamentals


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JavaScript Fundamentals


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JavaScript Fundamentals


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