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Development of Web applications using Java programming language

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What do we suggest?

Within the course you will be able to get theoretical and practical knowledge, necessary for designing, developing and testing middle-sized and large-sized Web applications. The whole studying process will be controlled by experienced teachers and experts in respective directions, which will certainly effect your professional growth in development of Web applications using Java programming language. Curriculum of Java Development course enables receiving hands-on experience in such spheres:



Category / Topics / Tools


ALM. Methodologies: Scrum / Kanban

Source Control: Git

Continuous Integration: Hadson / Jenkins

Code quality

Static code analysis: CheckStyle (Eclipse plugin) / FindBugs (Eclipse plugin) / IntelliJ IDEA code analysis tools

Code Quality: SonarQube

Testing: Junit / TestNG / Mockito / PowerMock


OS: Windows 10 / Linux

IDE: Eclipse / IntelliJ IDEA

Core programming   

Syntax: Java 8-12 / Code Conventions / Data Types and Variables / Operators / Loops / Methods / Classes

Java SE: Generics / Collections framework / Handling Exceptions / Annotations / Reflection API / Multithreading / Concurrency / Strings / Regular expressions / I/O Streams API / JDBC API / API for XML and JSON Processing

OOP Paradigms: Abstraction/Encapsulation/Inheritance/Aggregation/Polymorphism

Debugging: Debug in Eclipse / Debug IntelliJ IDEA / Debug remote servers

Java Frameworks 

DI container: Spring IoC

Spring Architecture: Spring Web MVC / Spring Boot

Security: Web token (JWT) / Spring Security

Logging: Apache Log4J/SLF4J

ORM. Data Access: JdbcTemplate / Hibernate / MyBatis

Templating: Apache Tiles


Relational DB: MySQL / MS SQL / H2 Database / PostgreSQL


Java EE: Servlet/JSP/JSTL

Web Patterns: MVC,MVO/Front Controller

Web Services: SOAP/REST/HTTP Protocol

Front-end: HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/JavaScript/jQuery


Build system: Maven / Ant / Gradle


Design Patterns: Object-Oriented Design/Design Patterns (GoF Patterns)

Modeling: UML

For whom?

  • For those, who have solid knowledge of Java language and precise understanding of OOP principles;
  • For those, who have basic knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and understanding how clientserver solutions work;
  • For those, whose level of English is Intermediate+;
  • For those, who are ready to be involved in education process at the IT Academy 6-8 hours every day

What is the minimum technical knowledge required to enter the course and which resources can be used for preparation?

* What can bring advantages at the interview with an expert?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML\CSS and javascript;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and RDBMS;
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience of Web applications development using Java language
  • Hands-on experience of dealing with system of Git versions control;
  • Basic knowledge of OOD, SOLID principles;
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and principles (SCRUM in particular).
  • Link on developed by you java project on GitHub 

* We don`t specify literature for this section and don`t put these questions on the obligatory list. But awareness of something, noted above, will be your advantage at the interview with a technical expert.

What is the procedure of entering courses? Answers to organizational questions

Test assignments

Examples of incoming tests

Quick registration on the Java Development Course (Share your Java project)

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Java Development


20.01.2020 – 20.04.2020

Java Development


27.01.2020 – 27.04.2020

Java Development


03.02.2020 – 07.05.2020

Java Development


05.02.2020 – 12.05.2020

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