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HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript
Web-development for beginners



What do we offer?

 • Minimum of theory - maximum practice during a month of intensive work under the guidance of an experienced mentor. You will have twelve lessons of three hours each (three lessons per week), on which the theory will immediately be backed up by practice, as well as a series of practical tasks, each of which is expected to last for 6-8 hours. As a result of the course, you will create your own website and receive a certificate from SoftServe IT Academy.


• You will learn how to create websites using state-of-the-art HTML5.2/CSS3 and latest edition of JavaScript - ES2018. You will be able to write a semantic code in HTML5, create structured and correctly formed pages that pass HTML and CSS validators. You will learn how to write selectors in CSS, as well as create a responsive page layout that adapts to different devices using the most trending technologies - CSS FlexBox and CSS Grid Layout.


• The focus of the course will be on JavaScript in its most up-to-date version of EcmaScript 2018. You will learn how to use all the basic language constructs to solve practical tasks that are encountered in web development. A separate focus will be given to the differences between the current version of JavaScript and its classical ES5 edition, as well as features specific to this language such as closing, prototype imitation and writing of asynchronous code. You will learn how to work with the DOM page model, respond to events, generate dynamic content, and interact with the backend using Ajax and Fetch technologies.

• The mentor will provide daily support during the course to a special closed group for course participants. No question will be left without attention. All lessons will be recorded as stream on YouTube. These recordings, as well as the group itself, will remain accessible to participants of the course and after its completion.

• Classes will be conducted in Ukrainian.


Who can apply? 

• This course is aimed at beginners who have no knowledge or skills in Web development or have only general knowledge about it.

• If you are already familiar with the basics - you will have the opportunity to systematize your knowledge and get a quality mentback from your mentor to your practical tasks.

• For everyone what wants to continue studying at SoftServe IT Academy at web-development directions: WebUI (Python, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby), .NET, Java and Go.


Duration and course schedule, cost

• The course consists of 12 lessons (1 lesson – 3 hours), and will last for 1 month + course implies completion of homework and personal project, approximately 2-4 hours each day that can be done at home or in classes of SoftServe IT Academy

• Schedule – 3 classes per week at evening time, additionally to in-class lessons participants get access to online courses by SoftServe e-Learning division – HTML/CSS and JavaScript which can be completed according to personal flexible schedule



Number, duration


Price (UAH)

Classes in classrooms

12 classes for 3 hours




Self-fulfillment of practical tasks with the support of the mentor

12 tasks, designed for 6-8 hours each




Online courses from SoftServe eLearning (Basic of JavaScript, Essentials of Modern WebUI)

Free schedule, available within 2 months after course start




Detailed description of the acquired knowledge and skills after finishing the course. 

At the end of the course, you should know: 

• The structure of webpage and main HTML5 tags including semantic tags, tags for adding content, creating tables, lists and forms with validation;

• Selectors and properties for CSS3 including box model, element positioning, modern approaches to layout including FlexBox, CSS Grid and responsive layout;

• The specifics of JavaScript: syntax of the language, data types, the order of processing the code by an interpreter, visibility of variables, various ways of creating functions, managing code flow, loops and recursion;

• The basics of using jQuery: initialization, selectors, events, effects, requests;

• The work mechanism and limitations of Ajax and Fetch technologies.

At the end of the course, you should know how: 

• To create correct HTML webpage markup and check it with validator;

• To create CSS styles, in particular for webpage layout with FlexBox and CSS Grid Layout, responsive support and visual effects;

• To create JavaScript code for solving the typical tasks of front-end web-programming;

• To structure and design JavaScript code using functions and objects, to select and create correct data collections, and also to follow the coding standards of Google JavaScript Style Guide;

• Integrate JavaScript and HTML, understand different approaches, how to use event handlers, create HTML-forms, build and use regular expressions in JavaScript and HTML;

• To do code debugging using the built-in browser debugger, monitor resources, use the console to output information;

• To use jQuery library for manipulations with DOM elements, creating of basic effects and execution of Ajax-requests;

• To create and execute Ajax-requests, use XML and JSON formats to transmit data.

• Use Git to manage versions of the project and publish website to GitHub.


 Learning plan by lessons: 

1. Introduction to the course. Understanding how web browser and web server communicate. Introducing tools: Web-browser Developer Tools, Web page prototyping tools, IDE.
2. HTML5.2HTML Document Structure, Tag Pairs, Element, Links, Nesting, HTML Validator, New and deprecated tags in HTML5, Image basics, Video and Audio. Semantic markup, Tables, Lists, Forms: data input and validation.
3. CSS3 Part IAdding CSS to webpage, Selectors, Specificity, Font Basics, Inline and Block flow, CSS Positioning, Overflow, Z-Index, Vendor Prefixes, Box Models, Inherited Properties, Browser Default Styles, Layouts Intro.
4. CSS3 Part IIFlexBox Model. CSS Grid Layout. Media Queries, CSS Effects. Making layout for typical web page.
5 JavaScript (ES2018) Part I: Adding JavaScript to webpage, Comments, Data Types, Declaring variables, Type casting, Functions, Conditions, Ternary Operator, Switch.
6. JavaScript (ES2018) Part IILoops, Anonymous and Arrow Functions, Arrays.
7. JavaScript (ES2018) Part IIIObjects, Prototype-Based Inheritance, Dictionaries, Closures, Promises, async/await.
8. DOM Manipulation and jQuery: Intro to DOM, Locating elements on DOM, Modifying DOM, Setting Event Handlers, Intro to jQuery.
9. Making AJAX Queries with Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.
10. Basics of using Bootstrap 4 for Responsive web design.
11. Creating Functional Online Store.  Introduction to Node.js.


Available groups for registration

Course name
Course duration    Price

HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript Fundamentals


24.02.2020 – 24.04.2020    5999

HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript Fundamentals


03.02.2020 – 23.03.2020    5999

Selection completed

HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript Fundamentals


24.01.2020 – 21.02.2020    5999

HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript Fundamentals


24.02.2020 – 20.03.2020    5999

HTML5/ CSS3/ JavaScript Fundamentals


24.02.2020 – 26.03.2020    5999





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