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From the concept to the


How to create the backlog with an only idea in your mind.

IIBA Endorsed Course (PDU/CDU: 16)


Group size: 16 - max 20 students

Course duration: 2 days x 8 hours = 16 hours

Location: Wrocław


What do we offer?

 The course is developed for those who want to gain knowledge and train skills in building a set of requirements for a product that is only in the ideation state, regardless of the scale of the planned solution. Theoretical knowledge backed up with practical training on the real-life examples will help you to be more efficient in defining business problems, describing functional and non-functional requirements for software products and becoming a key person for developing valuable solutions.

The main course goal – is to help students to gain theoretical knowledge and practice skills that are crucial for building the backlog for the desired solution. The course teaches how to reveal the real needs, specify the solution to fulfil the need and create the backlog covering all functional and non-functional requirements. It includes best practices and many tips and tricks that experienced business analysts use in their everyday work.

The course consists of lectures, practical tasks, and workshops.



-       How to formulate a proper business goal

-       Design Thinking as an emphatic way to solve problems

-       What is a persona and how to create one

-       Visualizing user journeys in your product

-       Value Proposition Canvas

-       Functional decomposition: Epic - Feature - User story

-       What is a user story and how to write a good quality user story

-       Traceability of requirements - pros/cons how to do it what are the benefits

-       Non-functional requirements

-       Prioritizing the requirements



Krzysztof Kołosowski

Business Analyst @SoftServe

Business analyst with multi-domains experience, currently working in a software house on digital platform projects. Advocate of effective, interactive meetings and unorthodox approach to projects. Avid cyclist and gadget lover. Over the last few years fountain pen enthusiast with a special interest in calligraphy.

 Natalia Cholewa

Business Analyst @SoftServe

Business Analyst CCBA® with over seven years of experience, specialising in creating SaaS model systems. Aiming to merge the client’s business goals and effectively translating them into Development Team language with a strong focus on the end user's needs.


In addition: 

The course language is Polish, however, all the training materials are in English.


Cost of the course: 1990 PLN


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From the concept to the product


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