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Arts and Crafts of BA: Innovation
practical course for BA practitioners from recognized experts



Group size: 20  25 students

Course duration: 3 modules x 2 days x 8 hours = 48 hours

Dates: October 5 – November 3

Location: Lviv


What do we offer?

Business Analysis Office at SoftServe takes the pulse of the world’s business analysis trends. This course is the result of the research of the Ukrainian and global market needs and is meant to bridge the gaps that we have and stay in demand.

You will deepen your knowledge and get more practical experience in the knowledge areas and techniques that make Business Analysts truly innovation-driven. Instead of well-known requirements management tricks, we will walk you through the advanced techniques via discovering new facets of Business Analysis.

You will go through all the main stages of Business Analysis while working on your project from the first day of the course:

         ·       Module 1. Problems Discovery and Solution Options Generation.

We will start from Design thinking approach, which helps you to uncover root causes and resolve them. Then move to Personas defining and facilitated the ideation process of searching their problems. We will introduce you advanced technologies (like Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, etc.) that may help you to create truly innovative solutions. We will also guide you through a framework for generating innovations.

               ·       Module 2. Value Proposition.

You will make up a list of possible solutions after homework ideation. After the creation of Value Proposition and Business Model for one or a few of them, you will choose the most suitable one. We will teach you how you can pitch your ideas in front of potential clients or investors. You'll learn how to divide your future product on chunks and plan your hypothesis-driven development process.

               ·       Module 3. Rapid Requirements Documentation & Management.

The module will teach you the best practices of Agile rapid requirements specification and management. It will explain to you what your 'minimum viable' documentation is. You’ll also learn how to use Customer/User Journey and Story Mapping and how to manage your Backlog most efficiently.


Our course is IIBA endorsed.

Thus, as an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP), we guarantee Professional Development Units (PDU) and Continuing Development Units (CDUs) offered by the course.

For whom?

People who have:

               ·       1.5 years of IT experience + 0.5 years of BA experience

               ·       Intermediate strong + (B2+) level of English (all training materials and practical tasks are in English)

               ·       The knowledge of requirements lifecycle and business analysis techniques

               ·       Understanding of software development lifecycle and methodologies

The duration, schedule, and cost of the course

               ·       Duration of the course: 3 modules x 2 days x 8 hours = 48 hours

               ·       Schedule of the course: 1 module every two weeks (Saturday and Sunday) two modules per month

               ·       Dates: October 5 – November 3

               ·       Cost of the course:

o   Early birds  15 900 UAH

o   Regular price  17 700 UAH





Module 1

Day 1

Problem Statement


Day 2

Potential Solutions

Module 2

Day 1

Idea Framing


Day 2

Idea Implementation

Module 3

Day 1

Rapid Requirements Documentation & Management


Day 2



A detailed description of the knowledge and skills received after the course completion:

Each session includes

               ·       Presentation of the lecture according to the session title

               ·       Practical tasks related to the lecture topic

               ·       Practical homework related to the lecture topic

Training approach

               ·       Working in separate teams (4-5 students) on one continuous project

               ·       Completing a practical task that develops the project step by step after each theoretical block

               ·       Each topic is taught by a certified expert-practitioner in this area

               ·       A mentor (business analysis expert) is assigned to every team to discuss all questions that appeared during the course

               ·       Interim control after each module and final presentation of the project at the last lesson

               ·       The course language is Ukrainian/Russian, but all the training materials and practical tasks are in English

As a result of successful course completion, you will have

               ·       Deeper understanding of technologies and frameworks like Design Thinking, Facilitation, Advanced technologies (Machine Learning and AI, Virtual Reality, Blockchain), Innovation, Hypothesis Driven Development

               ·       Knowledge in Business Analysis knowledge areas: Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis and Design Definition, Solution Evaluation, Requirements Life Cycle Management

               ·       Experience in techniques: Personas, Benchmarking and Market Research, Consumer Trend Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Solution Performance Measurements, User Journey, Story Mapping, Functional Decomposition, Prioritization, Prototyping, User Stories

               ·       Experience in using Business Analysis tools: JIRA/Trello or similar, Confluence/Google Drive or similar, Xmind/Bizagi/Visio or similar


Detailed program


SoftServe’s Business Analysts experienced practitioners and certified (CCBA/CBAP/CSPO/Pragmatic Marketing/CSPO/CSM) experts in Business Analysis, Design, Advanced Technologies, and Product Management.

Each course block is taught by a trainer who is an expert in this particular area. Some topics are covered by experienced professionals in other areas (like Product Management, User Experience, etc.)


Some of our trainers: 

·         Nataliya Nazar

·         Nadiya Trub

·         Anna Voloshyn 

·         Iryna Kriuchkova


The process of student selection:


               ·       Fill in the registration form at

               ·       You will get an email with the information about your registration status

               ·       Wait for the recruiter to contact you

CV pre-screening

Recruiters pay their attention to:

               ·       1.5 years of IT experience + 0.5 years of BA experience

               ·       Intermediate strong + (B2+) level of English


               ·       Defining a candidate’s personal qualities

               ·       Evaluation of candidate’s BA knowledge and English level

               ·       Defining candidate’s motivational qualities

Invitation to the course

               ·       Invitation to the training course

               ·       Getting SoftServe University Courses Offer

               ·       Accepting the offer to study at SoftServe University


Cost of the course:

Early birds  15 900 UAH

Regular price  17 700 UAH

Available groups for registration

Course name
Course duration

Arts and Crafts of BA: Innovation Focus


04.09.2020 - 09.10.2020

Arts and Crafts of BA: Innovation Focus


13.11.2020 - 18.12.2020

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